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CDP-040 and CDP-041 out (26/04/2014 15:47)

News item picture Kanibal Hymn: Eons Of Darkness tape
Terrorgoat: Manes Of Algol tape

Now out. 4e + postage per item.

Sample track from Lomax available... (19/04/2014 20:33)

...on Soundcloud.

Forthcoming releases (18/04/2014 22:20)

There are quite a few releases coming out on CDP during this spring/summer. Here's what's currently confirmed:

- Two tapes by Harsh Noise/Power Electronics unit Concrete Isolation; "Lomax" will be just shy of 20 minutes of disgusting cacophony, and an as-of-yet unnamed tape will contain ca. 40 minutes of material from 2012

- A tape by Terrorgoat containing two previously unreleased tracks

- A tape by Kanibal Hymn called "Iad Uroboros" with tracks from 2012

More info later; the Concrete Isolation tapes should be out in late May/early June and are planned to be released on the same date. The Terrorgoat and Kanibal Hymn tapes may come out sooner, and are also planned to be released in unison.

Distro additions: Wicked Messenger, T.O.M.B., Nekrasov (26/03/2014 20:42)

Nekrasov: Extinction
Wicked Messenger: Dreamer Redeemer

10e each + postage

New distro items and other news (25/03/2014 11:43)

CDP is slowly reactivating. We are digging through the piles of old distro stuff we never got around to adding to the lists. Just added to the list are the following items:

Kave: Dismal Radiance CD
Utukku: Among Old Ruins And Creeping Mist MC
Utukku/Profectum Iri: The Black Hermetic Order MC
Wicked Messenger: Infinite Presence MC

Terrorgoat "Ritual Invocation Of The Four Winds" re-release (20/03/2014 19:55)

The only re-release of the second Terrorgoat demo CDr there ever will be! Originally released in 2003, "Ritual Invocation Of The Four Winds" contains the first-ever recorded Terrorgoat track and is, as such, if not necessarily a slab of Black Noise history, at least an interesting piece of trivia.

Admittedly, this demo is musically not of the highest quality and displays a project still searching for its approach and style; by musical standards alone it would not merit a re-release. However, quite a few people have asked if the demo will ever be re-released as it is virtually impossible to get a hold of one of the original CDr's, and therefore CDP have decided to release a single limited tape run of "Ritual Invocation Of The Four Winds".

The tape will ONLY be available for pre-order, which starts on 20.3.2014 and ends on 30.3.2014; during that time people will be able to order the tape for the price of 4e + postage. The tape will be limited to the exactly the amount of pre-orders.

Send your orders to

CDP inactive (05/08/2013 09:42)

CDP is inactive for the time being. No orders will be processed until further notice. This has been the state of things for a while already.

Concrete Isolation: Of A Simple Bliss (25/06/2012 19:21)

"Vicious Finnish Power Electronics from the one-man unit previously known as Concrete Isolation Box. Feedback-laden, uncompromising and hostile anti-music for an age with the simple bliss of knowing that man exists on the earth no more. Six tracks and a total of about 38 minutes."

White tape with printed stickers on body, double sided design on covers. Also available for wholesale.

Update to distro list coming later this week (hopefully).

Corpse Dweller (20/03/2012 21:12)

The first-ever CD release (not a CDr!) of CDP is now out: Kanibal Hymn's "Corpse Dweller", a recording of dark industrial noise dating back to 2009.

"In the darkness between life and death, hungry half-existing entities lurk at the treshold, waiting for breaches in the wall between realities for a chance to devour all life they can, and experience the flesh, even if it is the rotten, decayed and crumbled flesh of those long-dead; the Corpse Dwellers. This release explores the concept of undeath, possession and malign re-animation through a single 35-minute track of dark industrial noise with dark ambient influences."

The price of a single copy is 10e + postage. Cheaper wholesale rates available to distros etc.; trades are also possible.

Distro additions: Abgvrd & Rokot items (28/04/2011 19:06)

A long overdue distro update! Stuff from the Russian labels Abgvrd and Rokot added:
Comforter: Voice Of The Voiceless
Haare: Exogenesis
Velehentor: Bleaching Of Penury
Vomir: [untitled]

+ Concrete Isolation Box's new CDr release, Iesus Homo

Kanibal Hymn: In The Black Void Of Space... OUT NOW! (15/01/2011 22:32)

The new CD-r release of Kanibal Hymn, In The Black Void Of Space No Stars' Light Will Save You From The Gnashing Teeth..., is now available. One long track of haunting Dark Ambience ripe with the mind-bending horrors of ancient, thoroughly inhuman stellar abominations of the void and the spaces between realities. The price of a single copy is 4 euros; wholesale and trades are also possible.

New Kanibal Hymn CD-r out soon (08/01/2011 12:20)

A new Kanibal Hymn CD-r release, "In The Black Void Of Space, No One Will Save You...", will be out soon on CDP. More information soon.

Wicked Messenger: Officium Nocturnum 2CD (19/12/2010 14:06)

We have received a few copies of Wicked Messenger's latest full-length album, the double CD release "Officium Nocturnum". The price of a copy is 18e, and the album is certainly worth that price. While you're at it, don't forget to purchase a copy of Wicked Messenger's first demo " A Three-Eyed Fox Lurking In The Serpent's Throat" (CD-r, 4e) and first pro-CD release "The River Disappeared Sidewards" (CD, 10e) if you still do not possess these essential items.

B'kal sold out, new distro items (04/12/2010 20:19)

Saaamaaa's B'kal is now sold out from CDP. It's unlikely any distros would have copies of this remaining, but if you're lucky you may find one being sold on Discogs.

Some new additions to the distro:
Abstrrakt Torrment: The Will To Torture CD-r
Concrete Isolation Box: s/t Tape
Concrete Isolation Box: Love Under Steel And Concrete CD-r

New e-mail contact address (28/06/2010 18:03)

CDP has a new e-mail address:; please use this for all future correspondence. The old address is still functional, but will be read less frequently.

New distro items (14/06/2010 14:59)

New additions to the distro, including:

Crest "Crest 218/Nova Stereometria Doliorum Vinariorum" double CD-r
Blank Flags "s/t" tape
Dried Up Corpse "Nothing From Nothing" tape
Sutekh Hexen "Constellation" tape

Kanibal Hymn: "Brompton Cemetary" CD-r released (03/06/2010 18:00)

Two tracks of haunting, coffin-encased ritualistic Dark Ambient Noise; commences with the proceeding of being interred into the tomb whilst consciousness still lingers and continues to the existence beyond the grave, where the voices of those beyond the shut coffin lid whisper of a new existence.

This is actually the first all-new Kanibal Hymn material released, as all previous releases have consisted of material recorded prior to the re-formation.

Comes on an 8cm mini-CDr, strictly limited to 25 copies.

MySpace site open (25/05/2010 08:17)

A CDP MySpace site has been opened and can be found at It will feature sample tracks and excerpts from upcoming and current releases; right now, there is one track from the Noise Jesus CD-r there.

CDP website fully functional, distro list and releases completed. Noise Jesus CD-r out now! (15/05/2010 11:34)

The new CDP website is now fully operational with all content added, including the full distro list and a complete list of all CDP-releases.

In other news, the Noise Jesus CD-r is released; six tracks of harsh and unrelenting Noise mixed with haunting organs in an experience that is both divine and blasphemous at the same time. The release is strictly limited to 25 copies on CD-r and comes in a ziplock bag with a pin. The price of a single item is 3e.

Finally, some forthcoming releases on CDP:
CDP-032: Kanibal Hymn "Brompton Cemetary" (CD-r)
CDP-033: Kanibal Hymn "Corpse Dweller" (CD-r)
CDP-034: Kanibal Hymn "The Visionary And The Machinarium" (CD-r)
CDP-035: 20.SV "Box Set" (CD-r)

No release date has been set for these, but hopefully Brompton Cemetary will be out in a month or so. The 20.SV box will most likely come out towards the end of the year or possibly in early 2011; believe you me, it will be insanely massive and completely essential to any 20.SV fan!

New CDP website open (14/05/2010 18:45)

The new CDP-website (the one you are beholding right now) has been opened. Content to the different areas, primarily the Releases and Distro will come over the weekend.

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